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Sharing the silliness that is Panic At the Disco

This community was created for the sole purpose of sharing the silliness that is Panic At the Disco. They have always been wonderful at bringing the laughs whether purposely or non-purposely, and this is the place to share them. You can post about your experiences meeting the band in person if they did something that really made you laugh out loud, or you can post funny pix and videos you run across.

Due to the recent split within the band, from this point on we will not be approving material related to Ryan, Jon or The Young Veins because they are no longer members of Panic At the Disco. Hope you understand. :) And since this has been asked before, yes, you can include Zack Hall with Panic At the Disco. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

This is not the community to put the band down or hurl insults. Sarcasm is alright as long as it's obviously sarcasm. (Come on, the boys themselves seem to thrive on sarcasm!) Blatant insults toward the band and/or rudeness toward other community members will result in a warning being given, and if it happens again, you'll be banned. Simple as that. This is a place to have fun and be goofy, not a place to start shit. Let's keep it drama-free and enjoy it!

If you have any issues/suggestions/comments/candy, please contact the community maintainer:
okaydarling @ retro_brat at yahoo (dot) com.